Community Service

At Bailey’s, we are firm believers in giving back wherever you can. When you look around, you can’t help but notice there are many people who do this every day – police officers, fire fighters, teachers and coaches are some examples of people who have dedicated their lives to community service. These are some of the local community projects that Bailey’s Towing and Auto Body is actively involved in every year:

Team Sports. Over the years Bailey’s towing has sponsored dozens of local youth sports teams in the Merrimack area. What started out as a sponsorship for teams that Jim’s kids were involved with has turned into a yearly tradition. Bailey’s has sponsored Merrimack Youth Baseball, Merrimack Cardinals football and cheerleading teams, numerous Merrimack High School sports teams.

Driver’s Education. Every six weeks for the last ten years Jim Bailey volunteers his time to each of the graduating classes for a local drivers education program and teaches a class on some of the aspects of driving that are rarely covered in regular driver’s ed curriculum. With his 30 years of experience in the car business he has a wide range of knowledge that is very valuable for young drivers. He teaches the students basic vehicle maintenance practices to ensure that their car is safe to drive each time it is on the road. Jim also teaches emergency preparation classes to all ages. This informational program gives drivers training on wht to do in the event that your vehicle breaks down or if you are involved in an accident.

Mock DUI Accident. An unfortunate part of being in the towing industry is on occasion the team at Bailey’s Towing is responsible for towing vehicles that have been involved in fatal accidents. After years of seeing people lose their lives in accidents that were preventable, Jim decided to partner with the Merrimack High School SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) program in 2001 to put on an annual mock accident. We have been participating ever since.

Merrimack Mock DUI Day

In an effort to influence the graduating class to make safe decisions when they get behind the wheel, the mock accident sets up a scene with real cars and kids from the school acting out the aftermath of a drunken driving accident. This event has expanded to include several other local businesses as well as the local fire and police departments. The Boston Medflight was even used at some events as a training exercise. When it landed at the scene of the mock accident, it had a great impact on the students!

Fire department Jim has served on the call fire department for six years and is a state certified level 2 fire fighter. Along with his involvement on the call fire department Bailey’s also helps by providing junk cars for the department to use in training exercises with the jaws of life. Bailey’s also donated time and materials in restoring the 1938 International fire truck which is owned by the Merrimack fire fighters association and was the first piece of new equipment that the Merrimack Fire Department ever purchased.