Auto Body Shop

As an auto body shop in southern New Hampshire, it’s no surprise that the majority what we do is collision work. When there are a lot of people on the road, they tend to bump into each other! Our little body shop in Merrimack does a whole lot more than collision repair work, though. After 30 years of doing vehicle auto body, we’ve come to realize that there are many auto body repairs that may not be as dramatic as a collision, but still require a keen eye and commitment to delivering consistent quality.


Aside from collision, here’s a snapshot of some of the other auto body repair services  that our Merrimack shop performs for our customers on a daily basis:

Rust repair. Older vehicles that need to pass inspection often have rust holes that need to be addressed. Blistering or cosmetic blemishes in a car’s finish don’t become rust holes if they are caught early.

Automobile re-painting services. Maybe you want to freshen up the paint on your car or change the color. The secret to success in these affordable painting services is all in the prep work. Whether it’s a“remove and install”(R&I)  – full service auto painting where all of the panels are removed, painted, then re-installed; or the more affordable “sand and squirt” where the vehicle trim is simply taped up and painted – our attention to detail gives you the best quality painting job for your money.

Scratches. Somebody repairs can be done without repainting. Scratches from tree branches or pets sometimes can be buffed out if they haven’t broken the finish. If they have, our computerized color matching system will perfectly blend a new paint finish with your old one.

Paintless dent repair (PDR). This is an affordable auto body technique that can be used in those instances when a dent hasn’t damaged the finish. While there are some dent removal services that only do this, at Bailey’s auto body we are able to fix the dent by pulling it, or repair and match the paint if it is more serious.

Accessories. Got fancy running boards, moldings, or a rear spoiler you want installed? We can do that. Haven’t been using that passenger-side window because it stopped working? We also repair window motors and cranks, door locks, hinges, or recharge your air-conditioning. Getting harder to see at night? It may not be your eyes! Headlights oxidize over time and don’t brighten the road as well as they used to. We can buff out your headlights to shine like new.

Check your auto insurance policy to find out if these auto body issues are covered before you bring your car in.