Auto Body Repairs

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Have you ever heard anyone referring to their car this way? They just might be a Bailey’s Towing and Auto Body customer! We are one of the few auto  body shops that still cater to rusty old cars. Sometimes it’s a car that has been in the family for 40 years. Other times it may be a small rust hole in an older car that the owner needs repaired in order to pass state inspection. Whatever the reason might be, not everybody owns a brand-new car, and not all auto body repairs are collision-oriented.

Auto Body Painting Services

Not auto restoration, but pretty darn close. These older cars may be sentimental or necessary for transportation, but their owners do not have the budget to pamper their car as a collector would. They don’t need auto restoration. They just want to take care of it and make it last as long as possible. Our Merrimack New Hampshire body shop sees many projects like these, and our techs are quite creative in producing a quality repair at a reasonable cost.

“Remove and install.” The best way to paint a car is to remove all of the trim from a panel for the painting process, and then reassemble after the panels are painted. This ensures that the paint makes it all the way to a seam and prevents peeling down the road. We call this type of project “remove and install” or simply “R&I.” Since time is money, we skip the R&I’s on projects where it is out of budget,and simply tape up the trim prior to painting.

“Sand-and-squirt.”National chain auto painting shops have capitalized on the quick, affordable paint job. We won’t name names, but you’ve heard the commercials. In this one day process, there is virtually no prep work; the car is simply sprayed as is. And they look good – at 30 miles an hour! Bailey’s Auto Body also can provide a quick affordable paint job – withsome differences than the national chain auto painting shops:

  • we have experienced auto body technicians doing the work
  • we repair any surface imperfections
  • we tape off areas and remove emblems to protect from overspray
  • we apply high quality urethane paints

Many of our customers are referred to us when their local state inspection station fails their vehicle for body rot. We know what is needed to repair a vehicle so that it will meet the requirements for a state safety inspection. If your car has not passed state inspection because of rust or any other body repair issue, bring it on down to Bailey’s. We are glad to help you get a few more years out of your old faithful friend!

We also repair trailers. We were happy to help out our local Boy Scout troop!

Boy Scout Trailer Repair