Collision Repair

If you have hit anything with your car – or someone has hit you – the type of auto body is called “collision repair.” Collision repair is different than cosmetic auto body in that an insurance company is most likely paying for the work. A car that has been in an accident loses value if the repair is not done properly. Most insurance companies have standards for what must be done, and very often a flat rate is paid to body shops that agree to follow their repair standards. This can be fine for simple fender-benders, but what about a high-speed crash?

Collision Repair“Pre-accident condition.” Our advice to any driver is to avoid an accident at all cost. But accidents do happen. Auto insurance companies are required by law to return their insured vehicle to “pre-accident condition.” That is, the car should look and drive the same as it did before the crash. If you haven’t done so, it would be a good idea for you to take pictures of your car now and have them on file – just in case you need to verify what condition your car was in before the accident. It’s also a good idea to have your auto mechanic do a detailed inspection report the next time you have your oil changed.

Chain reaction. Because all of the parts of a car are connected in one way or another, any crash over 25 miles an hour can cause a chain reaction that affect areas other than corner of impact. The front quarter panel may have crushed dashboard components or bent front axle parts. At Bailey’s Auto Body, we are an independent body shop. We follow our own inspection protocols whenever we investigate the damage to a car involved in a collision. These may be more involved than the insurance company’s appraisal of the damage. We are able to communicate with the insurance company and justify a valid repair if we feel it was caused by the impact.

Frame straightening. If the frame of your car was damaged in an accident, it will cause the vehicle to pull to one side as you drive and the tires to wear unevenly. At Bailey’s, we always measure frame in a collision repair inspection and compare the results to manufacturer’s specifications. If the frame is bent, we make recommendations to the insurance company to straighten it. We have a two frame-straightening bays right here in our Merrimack New Hampshire body shop. Our frame technician is certified in frame repair and he has been with Bailey’s for over 16 years – with more than 30 years’ experience in the auto body business.

As good as new! When you pick up your car after a collision repair at Bailey’s, you will not be able to tell it had been in an accident at all.