Detailing Services

Bailey’s didn’t set out to be the most popular car wash in Merrimack, New Hampshire. And we don’t claim to be – but we do a surprising number of auto detailing jobs. Whether it’s a necessary part of a body repair job, or a regular cleaning, there is enough demand for auto reconditioning that we have one technician dedicated to these projects.

Auto Detailing Services

I thought you were a body shop? Over the years we’ve had many people come in wanting a paint job because their cars finish was dull. While it’s true that the auto painting service they would get at Bailey’s would bring new life to their car’s finish, in many cases a good buffing and hand rubbed waxing would do just fine. If there is no need to repaint the car to achieve a good shine, we will tell our customers that.

Matching old paint with new. Another reason for offering auto reconditioning as a service at Bailey’s was to blend the old finish with a newly painted part. While our computerized color matching process is nearly perfect, it’s practically impossible to make new paint look like old paint. It makes a lot more sense to make old paint look new! We offer it as an option to auto body customers when we feel a recon of the old paint is necessary.

Why stop there? Your car’s finish is in good hands when your auto recon technician is also an auto body paint specialist. But if the car is going to look so good on the outside, we want you to have the entire new car experience as well! This is a list of the full auto detailing services you’ll get at Bailey’s Towing and Auto Body:

Buffing: Compound will be used to buff the top layer off of oxidized paint.

Hand Wax: A coat of carnauba wax is hand applied to protect your top layer of clear as well as bring back the luster.

Interior Cleaning: Mild cleaners are used to remove stains from cloth, vinyl, carpets. Heavy stains may need to be treated with our steam extractor.

Wheels and Tires: Aluminum alloy wheels and your vehicle tires are treated with chemicals prior to washing to bring back their luster.

Oh, and as a side note – never write “wash me” in the dirt film of any automobile. We have seen cases when this scratched through the car’s finish and body repair became necessary. Just use that finger to dial Bailey’s instead!