Paint Color Matching

“Close” doesn’t count. In today’s world, it is virtually impossible to match automobile paint manually. Gone are the days of red, blue, and yellow! With every passing year – and every new make and model – a new automobile paint color appears that you have never heard of: Celestial Blue Pearl, Opal Sage, Platinum Frost, and so on. And let’s face it – a body shop can do perfect body work, but if the paint color is not right, the whole job is a failure.

Computerized Paint Matching

Over two million colors and climbing. At Bailey’s Towing and Auto Body, we recognized the need early on to invest in the best technology to provide a near-perfect match for the cars we are painting. Our spray booth technicians are trained and experienced in PPG’s computerized paint color matching system. This technology stores over 2 million automobile colors in its database and makes the exact formula available to our Merrimack body shop instantly.

How do we store all that paint? That’s the beauty of this technology. We mix it right here in our shop according to the precise formula provided to us through the PPG color matching software. We mix only the quantity we need – which in some cases could be less than a pint. There is no waste and no need to store a large inventory of paint on the premises.

When matching auto paint on one portion of the car, blending the new paint with the surrounding areas is critical for a seamless repair. The computerized paint matching system allows us to ensure that we get a “spot-on” color match – not only the panel being painted – but the adjacent panel as well.