Insurance “Fine Print” – Are You Really Covered?

How well do you know your insurance policy?

Insurance coverage is important! Recently we have been hearing from customers who thought they had a certain level of coverage, only to find out they were wrong after an accident.

Car Rental: Some people assume they have rental on their policy. Now is the time to check, not after you have had an accident and have no transportation during repairs. Some people also try to save a little bit on a policy, thinking the extra rental coverage is a luxury. Can you afford $30.00 or more per day for the term of your vehicle repair? It is never worth the savings of nominal amounts. The average repair is 3-5 days for minor damage and longer for serious accidents. Can you afford that rental charge? Check your policy today.

Full Coverage: You may think you have full coverage when you call your insurance company to put a new car on your policy. Were you replacing an older vehicle that only had liability? Do not assume because it’s a new vehicle that the insurance company will automatically switch your plan to full coverage. This could be a very expensive mistake. Always check, before it is too late. If you owe on your car, and you have not increased your coverage, you will be responsible for the repairs personally. If it is totaled, and it is your fault, you will still owe the bank for a car/truck that no longer exists.

After Market Parts: Did you know the majority of insurance company’s standard policy is to replace parts with after market parts. Imagine your pride and joy is in an accident, and you find out that you will not get the same quality auto manufacturer’s replacement parts. If you want to ensure that you get the same quality parts replaced as you have now, you need to contact your insurance company and make sure you have original OEM parts coverage.

Towing Coverage:  This is another item  to check your policy for coverage. Towing, depending on time of day/night and efforts to remove damaged vehicle, along with storage can add up to hundreds of dollars.

The Body Shop of your choosing:  Did you know that your insurance company may try to steer you to their preferred shop that they have contracts with that are advantageous to the insurance company?  You are under no obligation to go to these insurance DRP shops. You need to know that it is your right to decide where to go and who does your repairs.