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Simply put, motor homes and recreational vehicles (RV’s) are big fiberglass boxes mounted on truck frames. The advantages to an all-fiberglass body are realized in better gas mileage and a body that never rusts. The disadvantage comes when that big fiberglass box collides with something. Unlike automobiles – which have flexible plastic bumpers designed to withstand a low speed hit – motor homes and RVs have an all fiberglass body from bumper-to-bumper. The sheer weight of the vehicle and the structural instability of fiberglass can mean significant body damage to the RV. To perform RV body work, a tech needs to be skilled in fiberglass repair.

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Fiberglass repair specialists.  We place a high value on RV fiberglass repair services, because it saves the customer money. Purchasing fiberglass panels, nose caps, and end caps from the manufacturer can be very expensive. An RV owner who is in a collision should take a moment to pick up any broken pieces of fiberglass resulting from the accident and bring them to Bailey’s RV shop in Amherst New Hampshire. All of our body shop technicians are skilled in the art of fiberglass repair. Assembling those broken pieces, we can put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

Graphic decals and paint matching. The cost of body repair for RVs can vary greatly. After the fiberglass is repaired, the vehicle needs to be painted. A body shop that is able to provide repair-to-paint services all in-house save saves RV owners in money and time. We have been using state-of-the-art computerized paint matching services in our Merrimack auto body shop for years. This system allows us to pinpoint the exact paint color within minutes. You will never be able to tell there was a body repair in that spot!

Graphic decals. RV graphics – especially on class A motorhomes – can be very elaborate. After the paint finish is completed, these graphics need to be seamlessly replaced. In many cases, those decals are difficult to find and expensive to purchase from the original manufacturer. Bailey’s also provides custom vinyl graphics for RVs. Our in-house designer will re-create the graphic using 3M quality vinyl and our techs install it over the finished paint. This is a huge cost savings for our customers! Because the product we use is so much better than what came with the RV, sometimes they will opt for a redesign of all the vinyl graphics on the motorhome.

Windshields too? When an RV is involved in a front end collision, a chain reaction occurs. It’s not unusual for the windshield to crack. Rather than sending out the RV for windshield replacement, we prefer to replace it in our shop. There is a lot of flex in a motorhome when you drive it. The windshield should sit for 24 hours to give the urethane adhesive a chance to set and form a tight seal before driving the RV.

Bailey’s is the one-stop shop for RV auto body repair in southern New Hampshire!