RV Inspection & Winterizing

Most RV owners use their motorhome or camper seasonally. In the summer months, the weekend warrior escapes to one of the many great tourism spots available in New Hampshire. Snowbirds, of course, are on the road before the first snow flies. While we freeze our toes in the snowy Northeast, they spend their warm winters in Florida or Arizona. Our RV shop in Amherst New Hampshire is open five days a week 12 months a year. Bailey’s can schedule your routine RV inspection and winterizing needs around your getaway schedule.

Many of our customers use the downtime for scheduled maintenance and inspection related issues. This keeps repairs and downtime to a minimum when fun fills the calender.

Inspection and Winterization of Motor Homes

RV inspection and scheduled maintenance tasks can vary based on your RV. We will check safety issues like wear on tires, brakes and bearings; maintenance items like greasing all key friction points, checking electrical system, and accessories to ensure that they are in good working order. Because water leaks in an RV can cause more damage to the than the RV is worth, we always recommend inspection of the rubber roofing and caulking seams that may be vulnerable to leaks.

This is a good time to get a New Hampshire state inspection sticker. Although we are not a New Hampshire state licensed RV inspection station, we partner with a local shop that can provide an official state inspection while your RV is at Bailey’s for service.

RV winterization services are necessary for any RV that will wait out a cold New Hampshire winter. Although many RV owners can do these tasks themselves, we have customers that bring their RV in every year or winterization services. We flush out water lines and fill plumbing system components with environmentally friendly antifreeze. All batteries are removed and we recommend our customers keep them stored in a warm place over the winter.

Need RV storage over the winter? We partner with Vault Motor Storage in Merrimack New Hampshire. Vault offers climate controlled storage or budget storage for RVs up to 50 feet; 24-hour surveillance in a secure location; short-term or long-term storage. Check them out online here https://vaultmotorstorage.com and tell them you are a Bailey’s customer.