RV Repair Shop

A motorhome has the best of both worlds – a vehicle that takes you where you want to go, and all the comforts of home when you’re there. A motorhome also has the worst of those two worlds – all the repairs associated with a vehicle; and all the repairs associated with a home! RVs are a complex system that is brilliantly designed, but like anything – these systems do break.

Bailey’s Towing and Auto Body provides more than RV body work. Our Amherst location is a fully equipped RV repair shop with experienced technicians to fix practically anything in your motorhome, RV, or travel trailer. These repairs could include generators, air-conditioning systems, water pumps and ejector pumps, RV slide outs, mirrors and awnings, rubber roofing, stabilizers, tow bars, storage compartments to name just a few. Bailey’s is an authorized warranty repair shop for many RV components.

These are some of the most common repairs performed by our RV repair shop specialists:

Rubber roofing. The average lifespan for RV roofing is around 10 years. A leaking roof on a motorhome can be disaster – causing the vehicle to be totaled! We recommend an annual inspection of the roof to ensure this doesn’t happen. When RV roofing needs to be replaced, Bailey’s RV shop uses quality grade rubber that is thicker than most rubber roofing that came as original equipment!

Electrical system. The electricity that powers the RV refrigerator, TV and lights is converted from 12 V to 120 V using a power inverter. Most electrical problems in RVs stem from inverters. In many cases, we can repair power inverters instead of replacing them.

Air-conditioning. There are two air-conditioning systems in your motorhome that cool you down. One unit under the dashboard cools the cab; one on top of the roof that cools the living area. Bailey’s can diagnose and repair either one. In many cases, the system only needs recharging.

Wheel bearings. You know the wheel bearings failed in your travel trailer when your tire passes you at 50 miles an hour! Travel trailers and fifth wheel campers need to have their wheel bearings inspected every year. The average lifespan of wheel bearings are approximately 50K miles. Have Bailey’s inspect the wheel bearings in your trailer and replace them if necessary. We would rather have you as an RV maintenance customer than an RV towing customer!

Brakes! Safety is always a number one concern at Bailey’s. Brakes must be inspected annually in order to pass RV state inspection. Depending on how you drive, brakes need to be replaced in a motorhome every 50K to 60K miles.

All the best fixin’s. Aside from the routine maintenance and repairs for your RV, Bailey’s can outfit your “home away from home” with accessories like audiovisual equipment, appliances, and satellite TV or backup cameras. Our RV shop is open year-round. We can install these upgrades in the off-season so that you will be ready to roll when travel time comes again.