Emergency towing services, 24-7.When you run a roadside towing service, you quickly realize it’s not a 9-to-5 job. Accidents, flat tires, and breakdowns happen 24 hours a day. Bailey’s has been providing auto towing services in the Merrimack New Hampshire area for nearly 30 years now. There is always a driver on call; and during winter storms, all of our drivers are on call! Our towing fleet consists of five medium to heavy duty tow trucks from boom lifts to flatbed car carriers.

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Bailey’s Towing is a licensed towing and accident recovery company for the New Hampshire turnpike system. The New Hampshire State Police-as well as local police departments in Amherst and Merrimack – have been using our towing services for years because of the reliability and expertise of our drivers. Each driver is trained and certified in towing recovery programs. There is a lot to know regarding physics and leverage, roadside safety, and even knowing proper lift points for individual makes and models of cars – so as to minimize damage in the recovery process.

RVs and trucks too! Our heavy-duty tow trucks are able to tow vehicles up to 26,000 GVW and 45 feet in length. Truck and RV towing is an area of roadside recovery that requires special training and equipment.

Non-emergency towing services. It’s surprising how many things we do that are not roadside emergencies.

Construction equipment stuck in the mud; secure car that had fallen off a lift in a repair shop; or simply towing unregistered cars from point A to point B. We frequently transport skid steers and other construction equipment to and from the work site for several Nashua area contractors.

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How to get the best price on your towing services. Although we are a 24-hour towing service, our after-hours rates are higher. If you have car you need towed for non-emergency services, schedule it ahead of time during normal business hours. Another tip to get the best price for towing services is to hire a local towing company that is near to either the pickup or destination point. Bailey’s towing has picked up cars from as far away as Connecticut and the Canadian border of New Hampshire and brought them back to Merrimack.

Request us by name! Whether you are in an accident or broken down by the side of the road, you always have a choice as to who you call to tow your vehicle. You know when you call Bailey’s towing you will get the best service in town!